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Az Iron Man
by: AZIronMan
I personally custom built this armor from fiberglass and use it to visit Children in hospitals and do other charity work.

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HAHAHAHAHA @ ELMO! PHOTOSHOP!!! LOL I TOOK THE PICTURE FOOL! There is nothing Photoshopped about this


Elmo, Raymond is correct, If you don't believe that my palms, chest and eyes light up, I invite you to take a look at the hundreds of photos taken from the Phoenix Comicon. I have fully documented images of this entire build. gers.


Elmo, don't be an idiot who is jealous. I doubt that you were there at the Phoenix Comi-con. This guy has full documented images on his facebook page and his charity page. I have seen his armor and BOTH palms, chest and Eyes light up.


The light on his palm is Photoshop. Other parts may be Photoshopped too.


Good luck!


Good luck Aaron, you are the BEST Iron Man!!!! :-)


good luck!!


Vote for Aaron, or else I'll Hunt you down and give you a Big Kiss! Really, no lie. -Deadpool, eatin' curry to prepare.


Great job Aaron! I'm proud of you!! :D Your second cousin, Lily


Even your nemeis is on your side ~ Whiplash