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Mark I Gold Armor
by: Old_Gold_Mark_I
Leaping from the pages of Avengers #2, circa 1963, Iron Man menaces evil with his trusty hammer attachment (see Marvel Super-Heroes Issue 1!). Don't forget the electrical cord or your transistorized power supply will leave you in a slump! This suit was quickly constructed with various odds and ends I was able to find, including a garbage can helmet, mmannequin chest, and arms made of cardboard dating to 1938 (Not as brittle as you might think: they made things tough back then. Thank you for the vote!

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Oops. That should have said thank YOUR mom. Not thank you mom. Doh!


You got my vote. Thank you mom.


Only costume I've seen like that!! GOOD LUCK!


Good luck on the contest, mate! Great job!


Great job, Old Gold, especially the hammer! My memories of this suit take me back to the 1960s Marvel cartoons. Good luck!


Dare I say it? I must... It's hammer time!


this is sooooo gr8!


Wow, what a great Silver Age Comic Book suit, really awesome!